Card Game Design — Traitor

Traitor is a card game that I developed with Casey Kolderup and Kevin Nguyen. Inspired by games like Hanabi that use hidden information and Werewolf that use deception, we created a unique 3 player game that combines the best elements of both into a poker game.

After refining the rules, I did the layout and art direction for the prototype in order to have a more professional deck for playtesting.

In Traitor there are 3 roles: Spy, Informant, and Traitor. The Spy draws 6 cards and holds them facing away from themselves, never looking at them. They start by asking the other two players a question, typically what they should go for (straight or flush). The Spy then chooses one player to discard a card from their hand face down, then the other player draws two cards from the deck and plays one face up for all to see, discarding the other face down. The Spy puts this card in their hand facing towards them. They do up to 5 more rounds of question, discard, and draw as needed so that slowly all the cards in their hand will be facing towards them. When the Spy feels like they have made their hand and identified the Informant, they lay down their cards and guess who their Informant is.