Patent Portfolio

While working as an senior engineer at Mohawk Group Inc, I led the company's engineers in number of patent applications filed with a total of 8. These are a mix of design and utility patens covering a range of consumer electronic devices including hair dryers and cameras. The first patent application to publish, and one of the most extensive, is a patent on a modular sensing device. Using my experience in sealing and mechanism design, I invented a waterproof electronic connection similar to a mil-spec pin and socket connector. The main differences are it is much smaller in diameter, which is convenient for consumer electronics, as well as being user friendly with one-handed quick attachment and detachment. While this waterproof connection can be used for any device that needs a small quick-change waterproof electronic connection for power and data transfer, it was designed specifically for a 360° camera. I developed this mechanism in consultation with colleagues to address the need to be able to incorporate a handle in a functional way by reducing camera head size and offloading the wight and mass of the battery into the handle.

This invention is patent pending and the patent office will decide whether to grant it in 2019.